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It is rare on the Earth's surface, but comets and asteroids are relatively rich in it.

The high concentration of iridium in the K/T boundary clay stratum could be explained by the collision theory.

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The giant wave finally deposited its burden of trash more than 150 miles inland from today's coastline.

The layer of fine debris from the impact shows up today as a stratum of grayish clay at the Cretaceous/Tertiary boundary (K/T boundary).

The clay layer appears to be world-wide: It has been found at more than 100 sites scattered over the globe.

About 400 cubic miles of debris were carried upward by the resulting fireball. Helens, by comparison, released less than a third of a cubic mile of ash.) After several months of drifting around in the atmosphere, the finer particles began settling back to Earth, covering the entire planet with a thin layer of dust.

Another 5,000 cubic miles of melted and crushed rock was ejected from the crater, then fell back to Earth in a matter of hours within 3,000 miles of the impact in all directions.

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