Most intimidating entrance music

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In the November 2003 fight against Phillip N’dou, Mayweather came out in an extravagant coat outlined with fur and letters on his back that spelled “Philthy Rich Records”—Floyd’s Las Vegas–based record label at the time.

It was a label that existed for over 10 years with many signed rappers, including Dirt Bomb and Poster Boy, but it never released an album.

But still, his two recorded albums have gone platinum. Not following the proper protocol in karaoke in Manny’s country might get you murdered.

“I love to sing, but singing doesn’t seem to love me,” he told Wax Poetics in a recent chat about why he stopped recording professionally.

He loves The Beatles, The Bee Gees, Dan Hill, Survivor and church hymns.

He told a reporter that he doesn’t feel nervous in the hours leading up to the fight, because he sings—sometimes it’s “La Bamba” or one of his own recorded songs like “Sometimes We Touch.” Pacquiao recently ended his hiatus away from the music industry to record a personal entrance song and video for the fight of the century on May 2nd.

Music has been an instrumental part of the most memorable entrances and has become inextricably linked with the sport.

Equal parts promotional campaigns, egotistical showcases and psychological warfare, boxing entrances have provided some of the most memorable moments in the history of the sport: some intimidating, others ridiculous and hilarious.

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