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I just couldn’t seem to get her off with my small prick, and one night after I had ejaculated in her, she was far from being satisfied, and pushed my head down to her pussy to finish the job.This was a first for us, and although I wasn’t that anxious to eat the creampie that I had created, I did as she wanted and had my first taste of cum, even though I had not cum that much.She was still breastfeeding our third child, who was born just four months prior to the time this event took place.When we were younger, Eva and I had a pretty normal sex life, except for my having a smaller-than-average cock, and it had become routine for me to bring her to orgasm orally after I had cum in her.

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I was 30 years old at the time and Eva had just turned 27.This seemed a little unusual to me because I knew from the rumors that these hunting trips usually included a lot of drinking, card playing, porn movies, and sometimes even women from the isolated area near the hunting camp, to provide sexual relief.I talked the trip over with Eva and she was anxious to go, as a chance to get a break from the constant child care responsibilities with the new baby.Even though she has many fine features, I would have to say that her ass is the best one.Seeing her laying down on her stomach on the bed, with those beautiful globes sticking up, surrounding that pretty pink asshole and just above her pussy, just took my breath away.

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