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A world of musical automata that work instead of humans; design prototypes for various machines that reach a sort of apex in Al-Jazari’s celebrated Book of Knowledge of Ingenious Mechanical Devices (1206), which functions not only as a historical source on this rich culture of invention but also as a speculative design manual for an alternative technological culture.In , their 1990 science fiction novel, Bruce Sterling and William Gibson pitched a similar sort of idea relating to 19th century Victorian culture as part of a steampunk imaginary: what if the modern age of computation had already started then, a hundred years earlier than thought?Besides technologies of time and location needed for the structure of everyday religion, programmable machines functioned as prototypes for computing by way not only of Muḥammad ibn Mūsā al-Khwārizmī’s “algorithm” but also the The Banū Mūsā brothers’ programmable musical machine.Such examples beg us to alter our historical focus to a different age and a different region.Nowadays we would call this an interdisciplinary laboratory for science, design and technology.Translations of texts and an enthusiastic interest in mathematics, logic, medicine and other sciences mix with innovations in design.The interview(s) address mapping as a collective experiment, networks as events, (art) methodologies of working with data and a lot of other topics related to internet culture.activism, AMT, cognitive capitalism, data studies, design, Digital Humanities, distributed platforms, information design, Istanbul, media art, media design, network politics, social media, software studies, Turkey, visual culture, Winchester The Istanbul Design Biennial launches this week and we are glad to announce to be one of the invited participants.

As Zeynep Tufekci summarised: “According to the collective searching capacity of long-term activists and journalists in Turkey, none of the ‘Erdogan emails’ appear to be emails actually from Erdogan or his inner circle” while actually containing information that could be considered harmful to normal Turkish citizens instead.Rewind further back in time: What if the age of programmable machines and advanced technologies could be said to have started in the “Arab-Islamic Renaissance” of 800-1200?We could then look at early devices like astrolabes as instruments of planetary design that mediate an understanding of the positions of the sun and the stars in relation to human practices such as prayer times.Still and moving images from the hundreds of streams that conveyed a live account of the events left many in Turkey puzzled as to what is going on.Only later most were able to form some sort of a picture of the events with the coherence of a narrative structure.

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