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Sometimes this is what I call the "this-may-be-good-for-me-therefore-I-should-grab-this-opportunity" attitude. But what sets the Filipino apart from all the other races is the MEANS to get what they want.

Some people break their moral and ethical standards, or even go as far as breaking the law just to grab that "wonderful" opportunity in front of them. This morning on my way to work at the MRT station, there were only 2 ticket booths open. He saw the small space between my bill and the ticket booth lady and grabbed the opportunity of buying first instead of me, even if it meant totally disregarding the people who have already been in line for a couple of minutes.

Here in Manila, you'd have to push your way to the swarm of people just to get in front of the line.

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They don't have to be so aggressive and disregard their ethics because they know that they will have a fair share of what's there.

When I was in the States and in Singapore, people calmly line up and wait for transportation to arrive, because they know that the next bus or the next train or the next taxi will be there in a few minutes.

If you want someone to be funny, then show a little humor yourself.

You can say, “”I have a job and ambition,” etc.” Or even better, you can say, “”I’’ve worked hard for the place I’m at in my life.

I’’m looking for someone who can appreciate the benefits of hard work.”” .

We’’re looking for how to meet men online here, not parole officers! Find your state or city or country (on the right) Go to the “Creative” link in the Gigs section (near the bottom) and post up afree ad asking for a photographer to shoot some casual shots of you for online dating. You don’’t want a cheesy studio portrait of you with your hand on your chin.

Just something well lit and flattering showing you in an OUTDOOR situation. Because EVERYONE ELSE has shots of themselves somewhere inside or in their cars. We firmly believe you have to pay for these photographs.

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