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She was told time and again after she had a couple years of experience her wages would increase.

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It still hurts when I see a family with small children and I think it should have been us swinging the little girl around while she screamed and giggled, or tossing a ball to a small boy, praising him like mad when he caught it.

It got me noticed, especially after the shift manager caught a new employee on her cell phone, something forbidden except at break.

She was watching a little instructional video I had made, just to make sure she understood her job. After she showed it to him, he checked with all the trainees, and they all had their own file to pull up if they ran into any problems.

Our doublewide and four acres was getting closer and closer. We learned to schedule our time so we could be together as much as possible.

We usually had breakfast together if I didn't have to work over, and the bedroom time was as stellar as ever.

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