Peerguardian lists not updating

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It now ( PM EST on 8/9/09) appears as though the servers are back online.The fact remains: the Peer Guardian list servers are notoriously unreliable, and I still strongly recommend that people update their Peer Block configuration to switch over to the lists outlined in this post.Here's the mapping of which i Blocklist list to use to replace each Peer Guardian one: That's all there is to it, really.Like I said I strongly recommend migrating your lists away from the Phoenix Labs hosted ones at this point.It seems like it is linked to ip address and should reset just like it did in the past.It is NOT financially worthwhile subscribing to i-blocklist, IMHO, because their main lists are sourced from Bluetack, who are no longer updating their lists.

Peer Block is a new version (aka a "fork") of the popular Peer Guardian 2 software.One or more of my lists require an I-BLOCKLIST subscription. Is it the recording industry putting pressure on someone? I just installed a new install of peerguardian on a fresh ubuntu 16.04.This is the error I get when my Peer Block starts at boot time. Everything installs and updates, but for some reason its not blocking anything and i can't figure it out.As of right now ( PM EST on 8/9/09) the servers belonging to Phoenix Labs appear to be down - or at least extremely slow to respond - and have apparently been so for most of the weekend thus far.Since Peer Block still defaults to using the old Peer Guardian lists hosted by Phoenix Labs, this means that Peer Block may not be able to update its lists.

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