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To Change the MX Record s SMTP I was a bit lost on getting my system emails (cron, php generated, etc) off the box if they were addressed to the same domain. Anyway, Epoch Wolf in IRC showed me this nice easy solution: ssmtp. Those numbers go in the Extra/Auxiliary data field.

Perhaps a mention in your googleapps and mail related articles. The first bit of advice is exactly what Go Daddy told me today 2/22/2008...for the life of me, I can't understand where, here at Slice Host, you find the fields * MX 0 and MX 10. I too, struggled for about half an hour before I finally got mail services working with my email at another provider. One problem I had, was getting the IP address right.

Yes, I saw that about MX records and CNAME settings.

All things aside -- is Google Apps (with a custom domain name) usable "on its own", for non-power-users as well (i.e.

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I know from past experience that a correctly performed migration should never incur any downtime at all (providing you set everything up at the new provider, only then update domain's nameservers, and only in a few days cancel the old provider's account).

In the fields I entered: Name: mail Data: 2.20 Done. If you use an external mail agency, they may suggest other values, in which case, follow their advice. Now we only need to wait for the DNS records to propagate.

However, it would be nice to check the records are correct and we haven't made a typo somewhere.

Apparently, their (email) account's setup is tied to MX records of domain's nameservers, making it impossible for a seamless transition.

So even if you set up everything on Go Daddy's side, the email account's status will still show "Pending Setup: validating MX record" for quite a while, rejecting all incoming email.

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