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The majority of my friends came because there were good prospects and have done well, they have nice jobs.“But a lot of people came during the terrible recession and they couldn’t find a job, regardless of their qualifications.“There are people not afraid to get a lower level of job just to sustain themselves.And buried in St John’s Archathedral in Warsaw was Alexander Chalmers, from Dyce near Aberdeen, a judge and four times mayor of Warsaw between 16.Today, the North East has one of the highest concentration of Polish nationals with three per cent of the population of Aberdeen recorded as white Polish, the same proportion of Edinburgh. Barbara Nowosielska-Conby is the treasurer of the Scottish Polish Cultural Association in Edinburgh.

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In my recent trip to Poland I had the pleasure of being introduced to Polish vodka tasting by Pawel Dziubek of Dom Wina wines and spirits in the old Polish manor house (now a hotel) of Dwór Sieraków.But what the figures also show is that Poles in Scotland have higher-than-average qualifications with 41 per cent having a degree of higher.This compares to 22 per cent of those who class themselves as White Scottish.In 1534 there was the first treatise on the distilling of vodka by Stefan Falimirz who writes on the distilling of vodka which, as he asserts, was useful to increase fertility and awaken lust.The distillation at the time was primarily of rye using pot sills, which could reach an alcohol purity of around 60% alcohol (30% proof).

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