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And if you’re like me and most of my friends, when it comes to dating and relationship challenges, it pays to be open-minded about all kinds of advice, since you never know which tidbit could be the one that works.

O.) and Taurus tendencies (since your Venus sign influences how you are in relationships).Cancers are excellent at letting their partner know how much they value them by helping them to identify, share, and express emotion." Weaknesses: "Cancers are emotionally fine-tuned, which means they have the ability to acknowledge all of their feelings all the time.This can translate to moodiness, and also cause them to expect their partners to be able to communicate their feelings just as well and easily."They aren’t always able to roll with it if their partner deviates from the plan.Additionally, they're learning to open up emotionally and not always make decisions from a practical standpoint, but from their heart." Advice for Dating One: "Spoil them.

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