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And don’t miss the next stop on the “Yes Means Yes” virtual book tour: a live chat on Feb. Our Bodies, Our Blog: What is the allure of so-called “gray rape” for anti-feminists? Lisa Jervis: The construct of gray rape does two things: it minimizes rape, seeks to make it seem like less of a big deal — if it was a “gray area,” can it really be that bad?

A good technique to use is to get the backlashers to at least admit that unwanted sex is a very hurtful thing — even if they refuse to call it “rape” or “sexual assault.” That can cut right through the semantic hemming and hawing.

Toys in Babeland, the Tool Shed, the Smitten Kitten, Early to Bed — I could go on.

I also think the proliferation of erotica aimed at women, and the fact that the selection has generally become a lot more broad — the expectation that women want to read about soft-focus, romantic scenarios is slowly wearing away — is a heartening sign.

”; and almost every feminist issue has been minimized at some point over the history of the struggle for gender equality.

The victim-blaming part is even more disturbing, as it updates and revitalizes one of the biggest obstacles to transforming rape culture.

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