Problems updating flash media player

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When you test the movie by publishing the SWF file, you'll see an example of stuttering animation.There are two main components that determine Flash performance: CPU/GPU usage and memory usage.In the sections below, I'll explain how that works and provide reasons why you might judiciously decide to, for example, increase memory use in order to decrease the CPU/GPU load.If you develop Flash games for mobile devices, it's likely you'll need to use some of the techniques discussed below to achieve acceptable frame rates.

The MT class is the only tool used by the sample file test projects to check memory usage and pinpoint memory problems.

I'll also provide a second list that prioritizes the techniques from greatest to least benefit.

I tested a handful of events and found each consumed 40 to 128 bytes.

This lets you tune the performance of your app for the specific platform you're targeting.

Scout can help you to detect memory leaks in your content, but version 1.0 doesn't show you which objects are in memory and causing the leak.

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