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I ask anyone with that term in their head to go down and experience the festival.

Because when you do go down to Tralee, meet the Roses, see what goes in that small gorgeous town, you will see it is far from old fashioned.

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I have yet to come across someone who became involved in the festival and say they regret it.But also, think about it logically – if you had 32 women over 2 nights just being interviewed viewers would get a bit bored. A lot of people joke about girls saying poems, but RTÉ banned poems last year so you won’t be hearing any this year.Last year Anna Nolan wrote an article for the Irish Independent, and slated the festival.Yes one young woman is chosen to be the Rose of Tralee for that particular year. She was chosen to represent her group of Roses for that particular year, along with representing the festival itself around the world.My other problem I have with article is that Anna writes, “for the “winning” of the competition move, they need to stand in front of a mirror at home and be able to bring up tears within 3.5 seconds, all the while smiling sweetly and sickly.” If she really wants to get technical about how the International Rose of Tralee is selected, I will. She is then entered into the Rose selection for her centre, for example the Dublin Rose Centre.

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