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The 35-year-old actress shared a sweet kiss with Patrick before they made their way inside.Rachel and Patrick have been dating for around 10 months now. And she proceeded to give me 12 direct quotes,” Rachel said.The actress and her new beau were spotted at a Toronto tennis club on Thursday and shared a sweet kiss before heading inside.

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Finally Patrick Sambrook arrived, and after helping Rachel up, they shared a smooch! They hid away from the spotlight, hogged all the time they had to themselves and tried to stay away from controversy.Sheen gushed to the media that his lady was beautiful(not exactly a state secret), captivating and endlessly funny.They were first seen together having dinner at a restaurant in Toronto back in July. “I recently stayed at a bed-and-breakfast in Europe, and the owner’s young granddaughter asked me to write down a few lines from the movie at breakfast. Rachel Mc Adams stepped out with her boyfriend, Patrick Sambrook, showing off their adorable chemistry.

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