Radiation dating definition

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You are new to the town, and wonder why anyone would ever take their car to Jim's garage and why everyone doesn't take their car to Bob's garage first.

Then one day as you are reading the newspaper you see part of the problem.

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People in America, unfortunately, generally make their key decisions based solely on what they hear on television.

People want to learn everything they need to know about something by watching a 1/2 hour television show.

Students want to learn complicated mathematics while they play video games. Unfortunately, the world of cancer politics and cancer treatments are not simple subjects. Plus it is impossible to overcome decades of constant false information by reading for half an hour. Jim's garage is by far the biggest garage, he has lots of customers.

Also, in this book is a chapter on how Linus Pauling, Ph D (two-time Nobel Prize winner) and Dr. In short, this e Book is for those who want to dig deeper into the tactics of the medical establishment, the media, the pharmaceutical industry and the FDA.

Executives don't like to read reports of more than one or two pages.

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