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While we will definitely go back to explore more of the Fjords of Norway, I can relax knowing that I was exposed to one of Norway's most breathtaking fjords when we spent a day doing Norway in a Nutshell.Norway in a Nutshell is probably the most popular tour in the country, which explores Sognefjord, the largest and best-known fjord of Norway.This town is located in the heart of the fjord filled with restaurants, shops, hotels, and a museum. With fjords on one side and mountains on the other, it is the picture-perfect setting for a Norway getaway.

The final leg of our Norway in a Nutshell tour ended with another rail journey back to Bergen where we caught the sun setting over lakes and mountains as we sat in comfort in the passenger compartment.The cruise finished at the picturesque village of Flam.We only had about an hour to look around, but if you are traveling on your own, I highly recommend staying overnight here.At only 20 km long, we cruised through this narrow arm of the Sognefjord surrounded by mountains reaching 1700 metres up to the sky.It gives you a taste of everything Norway has to offer, including stops in cities with views of mountains, lakes, a ride on historic and modern railways and of course a tour through Norway's fjords.

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