Rick fox and alicia keys dating

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The hour painstakingly detailed the heir to the Empire's fanboy feelings for his collaborator, as well as her gratitude to him for pushing her outside her artistic comfort zone — what his dad referred to as "girl-power pop." The song that resulted was a barn-burner that could quite easily be mashed up with Adele's "Hello." Their artistic chemistry was real, or at the very least a lot more convincing than Lucious Lyon and Freeda Gatz's was. At any rate, his presence inspires Lucious to sell off huge chunks of his company to finance the merger with Swift Stream, so it does serve a narrative function as well as an advertising one.

And Keys was far from the night's only crazy cameo.

At least one non-celebrity-guest moment stands out as well.

For several episodes now, we’ve been wondering if Laz Delgado, the double-agent security consultant/gangster played by Adam Rodriguez, was stringing Cookie along or truly falling for her.

This week, we got our answer: He's on the up-and-up, willing to pull a gun on his co-conspirators rather than continue their plot to loot the Lyon fortune.

But from the moment Lucious meets the guy, he smells a rat — or a bull, the emblem of his gang.

Unfortunately, so is the current trajectory of Anika, Lucious and Hakeem’s estranged ex.

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This, on the other hand, is like watching a daytime drama during sweeps month — a radical left turn for no reason other than that the writers wanted something nuts to happen with the character.

The network also announced that season two will include 18 episodes, up from its original order of 12.

next week and based on a new photo posted on Instagram, the singer is going to be a force to be reckoned with.

“The chemistry between Alicia, Kelly, Adam and Blake will make for a wildly unpredictable and compelling Season 14!

” Taking risks has sometimes paid off in "Idol's" 15-season run.

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