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I have seen many figures thrown about, so I decided to weigh them both, including all mounting hardware, fog lights, grills, etc.I was quite surprised at just how much heavier the later bumpers are.I used a regular bit on the rear, and it tended to bind up and make for an ugly hole.On the front, I wised up and used a step bit from Harbor Freight. You may need to dig out some seam sealer to get a flat spot for your washers and nuts. Its only purpose is to provide an online forum for car enthusiasts. This site is not affiliated with Porsche in any way.Mark your top hole first by measuring 2 ¾ inches horizontally from the body seam shown in the picture.The vertical mark can be made 1 3/4 inches from the ledge underneath the taillight as shown.

I bought a spot weld cutter before I did the front.

Using the fine search function, I was able to find all of those answers, but I had to wade through many, many threads to get them all.

With that in mind, I decided to write one up that will contain every last bit of information needed to do the job.

required or recommended:- (8) 8M x 1.25 x50 bolts- (8) 8M large flat washers- (8) 8M lock washers- (8) 8M nuts- primer, body color paint, sandpaper, tape, paper, etc.- early bumpers, tops, dog bones, etc.- beer (optional)I did the rear first, for no particular reason.

The first order of business is to remove the bumper.

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