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I'm so pleased that I'm going to keep using the products - and for once I won't feel self-conscious baring my thighs on the beach. THE PROBLEM: For the past three years - since I took strong painkillers for a neck injury - I've had cellulite on my thighs. In the past year, it's turned from dimples to crevices.

I have tried scrubbing, brushing, creams, sanding with a pumice stone, a personal trainer and the Atkins Diet but nothing has touched it. THE TREATMENT: Jennifer Aniston and Demi Moore love this therapy in which pressurised oxygen pumps anticellulite and body firming ingredients deep into the skin. The skin on my thighs was exfoliated using a micro-dermabrasion machine to blow tiny crystals all over my skin and suck them up again. After a rich booster cream, the therapist used a small pump - which looks like a pen - to deliver pressurised oxygen into the lumpy areas.

RESULT: After ten days, the skin on my legs looked smoother.

The improvement is said to be accelerated when used with Herzog's Tonus B12 - a body toner with vitamin B12, green tea and avocado, which is said to energise the skin.

The products should be used twice a day for at least a month. I was told to use light, sweeping movements to apply the white cream but not to massage it in.

Cellulite - that horrible dimpled 'orange peel' skin - is the look every woman dreads.

Diet and exercise can help to reduce it, but are there any faster and easier ways to solve the problem before you have to reveal all on the beach?

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