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Considering it was cold that morning, Harry took off his robes and pulled on the thick dark green cable-knit sweater.

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He might just find himself inundated with angry letters holding various claims of "no fair!Or just older ones wanting to remind you about themselves? "Both, I'm sure, but I bet half of them are from new suitors." He had received double the usual amount of mail this morning and he was not looking forward to responding to a bunch of latecomers."Oh, Harry, I'm sorry.I'd help you if you'd let me," Hermione said sadly."I know, Hermione. I'll be fine," Harry replied with a small smile for his friend."At least the deadline is Thursday," she said hopefully.Harry didn't buy that explanation for a second, but it was definitely a nice creative excuse for that week's gift; Harry now found himself in possession of ten each t-shirts, boxers, socks and handkerchiefs."Underwear? The surrounding students looked a bit appalled at her statement and stared at Harry uncertainly."What's wrong with it? I mean, he is working on filling out my wardrobe and these are considered an integral part, are they not? Harry placed his gift into his ever-present bag and asked for the pancake platter." Harry asked, somewhat surprised that his friends and housemates seemed offended on his behalf"Well," Hermione said uncomfortably, glancing around for support, "It just seems a bit…too personal."Harry blinked in surprise and furrowed his brows in thought. As he doctored his pancakes to his liking, he considered the evidently risqué gift from Draco. He did wonder, though, if Draco's gift was in line with what was likely a crusade to replace his wardrobe, or if the blond actually knew a bit more than what Harry might have expected.

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