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Use this if you want to manage the data outside of the grid (eg in a Redux store) and then let the grid work out what changes are needed to keep the grid's version of the data up to date.

As long as you understand what is happening, if it fits your applications needs, then use it.It is also possible to have more intelligent animations by putting animations into custom cell renderer's.Check out the grid provided animation cell renderer's or look at implementing your own refresh in a custom cell renderer. The grid provide themes use this to apply a background color (for the first 500ms) and then a fade out transition (for the remaining 1,000ms).If you want to update more than one row at a time, then you have the following options: Method 1 - Transaction The first method is to pass a transaction object to the grid containing rows to add, remove and update. The grid keeps all active sorting, grouping and filtering, including updating to reflect the changes in the data should the sorting, grouping or filtering be impacted.Updating using transactions is the best way to do large updates to the grid, as the grid treats them as delta changes, so the grid only refreshes what is needed giving a performance boost. Method 2 - Row Data (Normal) The next way is to replace all the row data in the grid be calling property (if using a framework such as Angular or React that allow data binding). The grid will discard all previous data and create the row Nodes again from scratch. Use this method if you are effectively loading brand new data into the grid, eg loading a new report with a completely different data set to the previous.

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