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Critics generally credit Taiwanese producer Yang Ming-huang for their success.Four best-selling albums in Cantonese and Mandarin, a record-breaking 18 consecutive concerts in Hong Kong, and a widely acclaimed film (Chungking Express) made Faye Wong the most eminent female Hong Kong singer in the mid-1990s.Sky was seen by fans as a successful amalgam of artistic experimentation and commercialism.While her hits in Hong Kong were noticeably alternative, her two Mandarin albums were more lyrical and traditional.Because it was a hurried decision, she also ended up missing the registration deadline for her classes in New York.Faye Wong explained in 1996, I wandered around, visited museums and sat at cafes.

No Regrets features soft contemporary numbers, a few dance tracks and two versions of the title ballad: Wong's Mandarin version, and a Cantonese version (lyrics by Chen Shao Qi).

In the West she is perhaps best known for starring in Wong Kar-wai's films Chungking Express and 2046.

While she has collaborated with international artists such as Cocteau Twins, Wong recorded only a few songs in English, including "Eyes on Me" – the theme song of the video game Final Fantasy VIII.

The plan was for her to stay there for a year to fulfill the permanent residency requirement, and go to a university abroad thereafter.

Following a brief modeling stint, she began singing lessons with Tai See-Chung (戴思聰), who was also from Mainland China and had previously tutored Hong Kong superstars Anita Mui, Andy Lau, Leon Lai and Aaron Kwok.

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