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Liberty City is divided into 56 individual and unique neighbourhoods which are spread across four boroughs within Liberty City and border the neighboring state of Alderney, including Alderney City.Whereas the 3D Universe version of Liberty City was partly located on the mainland, the GTA IV version is completely made up of islands. Also contains a mix of trendy middle-class neighborhoods. This is the borough in which Niko Bellic initially arrives to Liberty City.Bohan, Dukes and Broker can also be seen on the left, while the State of Alderney can be seen towards the right.As of 2008, the population of Liberty City is 8,363,710.The Dutch established a colony and soon plenty other European nationalities travelled to the city to find what freedom was truly like in the colony of New Rotterdam, which promised convenience stores and public hangings, as well as a slave trade craze that swept the colony ever since the very first shipload of slaves.Eventually, the English set sail for the colony, which was based on the slender island named Algonquin after an old Indian word with the same pronunciation and the settlers signed a petition to be ruled by the British.The mayor is Julio Ochoa while the Deputy Mayor is Bryce Dawkins. The time setting is approximately late summer-early fall 2008.The area of the city is compressed in size (as seen with the Empire State Building's proximity to the Broker Bridge in the final shot), and the various landmarks are placed much closer to each other than in real life.

Rockstar Games stated that they avoided placing unreachable pieces of land in the distance to retain the city's "complete" feel.This part of Liberty City is the busiest, most crowded, and has more buildings, skyscrapers, and everything in between. Also contains a minority of more working class areas.Bohan (Bronx) Multi-cultural ghettos The birthplace of the culture of rap and hip-hop. Largely consists of expansive run down housing projects and is home to the St. Notorious for higher crime rates, gang violence and drug trafficking over the other boroughs. Liberty City first began when the Dutch sent out English explorer Horatio Humboldt to find a new location for them to sell Marijuana in 1609, and he sailed to the Humboldt river.Algonquin (Manhattan) Self-proclaimed center of everything A bustling commercial/business district full of amazing towering skyscrapers and a varied composition of cultures. Broker (Brooklyn) An ex-city on its own A distinct ex-city on its own, it maintains a distinct character apart from the rest of the city. Dukes (Queens) Old, ethnically-diverse and affluent An old ethnically-diverse, predominantly-residential area, it is the location of the Francis International Airport and the baseball stadium that is home to the Liberty City Swingers, and an Irish pub, the Steinway Beer Garden.Here holds various famous landmarks, such as Star Junction (Times Square), Middle Park (Central Park), and the Rotterdam Tower (Empire State Building). Dukes is primarily made up of affluent and ethnically diverse middle to upper-class residential neighborhoods that use traditional Irish, Victorian and Tudor architecture; though some neighborhoods follow the typical modern New York archetype.

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