Scarlett johansson and natalie portman dating

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This film, adapted from a work of fiction by author Tracy Chevalier, tells a story about the events surrounding the creation of the painting "Girl With a Pearl Earring" by 17th century Dutch master Johannes Vermeer.

Little is known about the girl in the painting, it is speculated that she was a maid who lived in the house of the painter along with his family and other servants, though there is no historical evidence.

She returned to film in 1999, gaining international recognition playing Queen Amidala in George Lucas' eagerly anticipated prequel .

Portman reportedly lost 20 pounds and went through rigorous dance training for the film, which was a critical success.

Following minor roles in Just Cause (1995), as the daughter of Sean Connery and Kate Capshaw's character, and If Lucy Fell (1996), she played the role of Amanda in Manny & Lo (1996).

While at a local pizza parlor, Portman was discovered by a representative of Revlon cosmetics, who encouraged the 11-year-old to pursue a modeling career.See more » Wide-eyed, hard-working young woman in Holland circa 1665 leaves home for a job as scullery maid to a painter and his family; quickly, she becomes the artist's secret assistant and muse, eventually posing for Vermeer's famous title-named portrait.Stunning art direction, lively pacing and an absorbing narrative all make up for a few key performances which seem too modern, and minor instances where the editing isn't as sharp as one might hope.The 2000s was truly a decade some of us would like to forget in terms of styling and music.But what we can’t forget are the women who graced that sort of scary period in time.

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