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If you are the victim of sexual violence, please understand your rights and the resources available to you. For incidents that happen off campus, the UWM Police Department may work with local law enforcement officers.

If you do not need emergency assistance and/or wish to report an act of sexual violence to UWM in addition to or instead of to the police, you can file a report through our online Incident Report form. If you prefer to speak to someone rather than using the online form, or if you have questions about filing a report, you may contact the following UWM departments: means that you inform someone that you have been the victim of sexual violence without identifying yourself or providing sufficient information to determine your identity or requesting any specific action.

More information can be found at Norris Health Center and University Counseling and Health Promotion or by calling the main number at 414-229-4716 or the victim advocate at 414-229-4582 during normal business hours.

The victim advocate can be contacted at [email protected]

University Counseling and Victim Advocacy Services are located on the 5th floor of the Northwest Quadrant.

Anonymous reports can be made via: Title IX Coordinator 414-229-7012 Equity/Diversity Services 414-229-5923 Dean of Students 414-229-4632 Whether or not you file a police report with UWM, community members are encouraged, to obtain support through the following methods: UWM students have access to medical treatment at Norris Health Center, confidential counseling at University Counseling and victim advocacy services through the Health Promotion and Wellness Department.

For questions or assistance with completing the online application, please contact Ascension Candidate Care at 855-778-6037.

You will receive automatic notification that your form was received, and a UWM staff member will follow up with you by the end of the next business day (UWM’s business hours are a.m. Please note, however, that UWM may be limited in its ability to investigate or respond to the incident if it does not have sufficient information from which to follow up on such report.

Reporting means that you inform a person who has an obligation to keep your report of sexual violence without any identifying information for the purpose of statistical reporting.

Be on alert for possible fraudulent offers of employment.

Ascension will not solicit money or banking information from applicants.

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