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Coral Reefs light and current B-3* Tropical Meadows light and current B-4. Tidepools spray in rocks, winter cold C-2* Bird and Mammal Islands bird and mammal colonies 2 Table I (cont'd.) Category Name of type Characteristic energy source or stress C-3, Landlocked sea waters little tide, migrations C-4. Marshes lightly tidal regimes and winter cold C-5- Oyster reefs current and tide C-6.

A large proportion of the papers listed provide important material about particular representative examples and case histories of natural and disturbed systems. At the end of the bibliography is a special section. Government Printing Office, gov] Coastal Zone information Center 0 J Q: D rc D 00 0 GB 45-9.4 03-8 1974 V. All of the references in the chapters of the study are included in the-bibli.ography, butthere are, in addition, many other references which increase its usefulness as a general entrance into the ecology literature. Petrochemicals refinery and petro- chemical manufacturing wastes E-16. Radioactive stress radioactivity E-17, Multiple stress alternating stress of many kinds of wastes in drifting patches E-18. Migrating subsys- Some energies taxed tems that organize from each system areas 5 B-5 Abbott, B.

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