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Walk down East Third Street to Xenia Avenue at high traffic times or visit certain establishments on North Dixie Drive and you’ll find sex transactions occurring on a regular basis.Those transactions may include manual stimulation, oral, anal or vaginal sex.When the officer pulled over, he was approached by her handler to make a deal.

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August 2012: In the area of North Main Street and Norman Avenue, a 20-year-old woman made eye contact with a passing undercover Dayton police officer.In the state of Ohio, the Attorney General’s Human Trafficking Commission (AGHTC) reported that 49 percent of those in sex trafficking started younger than 18 years old – 13 being the most common age to begin.Ohio’s highway system, with several major interstates and replete with truck stops, along with its previous lack of effective legislation, makes it rife for human traffickers.MYTH: Traffickers and prostitutes patrol the streets at night, wear skimpy clothes and make leering gestures.FACT: The highest sex-selling times are early morning as men go to work and lunch time.

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