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Yet, sadly, total efficiency is achieved in theory only; this is because entropy precludes perfection within the confines of time.It is difficult to gauge and understand geopolitical and economic events without first comprehending the fact that much of what happens in the world is engineered to happen and with a specific encompassing goal in mind.If you subscribe to the theory that all is random "chaos" and outcomes are circumstantial or coincidental, then you will be lost in the dark on most things.If you think a globalist "conspiracy" would require "too much control" or foresight, I would point out that organized conspiracy by people in power is a matter of history, not of theory.This “money” is the “liquidity.” Everything degrades over time without exception.Of course there are diverging regenerations within time’s decay but all is fleeting and cannot last.

What would you say if I said that Draining The Swamp has already begun?

People can certainly ignore the concept of a right of way. Right of way still serves as a tool to establish who is liable should a car accident occur. The preference for most Americans is to keep that system going as long as it works for them.

In the same way, a right serves as a natural basis for who is wrong in a given dispute. So, it you are a public official, you are between a rock and a hard place.

Whatever you think of bitcoin and crypto currencies, there is plenty to learn from their ascent, even if it is still a small part of the global financial system.

Forget the noise of “Biggest bubble ever” – the market cap of the NASDAQ was .7 trillion in 1999 and fell 70% (a total of .6 trillion) by 2002. They are intangible, yet philosophical constructs can be real.

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