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The day before I first met Josh, two officers from the Plano Police Department had dropped by unannounced to make sure Josh really lives where his registration says he does.They also wanted to see his blue card, an ID card registered offenders are required to carry at all times. “You could,” he says, “if you weren’t used to it.” Not only does Texas list juveniles, but it has no lower limit on the age of registerable children. Twelve is too young to have a Facebook account, but with a quick search I can find this boy’s home address in a small town in Central Texas.” Josh understood the destructive power of secrets because he had one of his own.Between the ages of 6 and 8, Josh says he was repeatedly raped by three neighborhood high schoolers—a babysitter and her two male friends.

If Josh gets a haircut or grows a beard, he’s supposed to go back to the local DPS office and re-register to keep his image current.Major points have been corroborated by family members.) Josh says he never considered denying the abuse.“I thought it was so important that I never call my sister a liar,” he says, “which is what happens in a lot of cases, and [the victim] has to deal with it later on. I did value telling the truth more than freedom, I guess, because what’s the point of freedom when you have to live a lie?“I was so embarrassed by it that I only started talking about it last summer. Department of Justice published a comprehensive bulletin about child-on-child sex abuse that analyzed multiple studies.[In TYC] I never felt safe enough to talk about what had happened to me in childhood,” he says, “especially since they’re looking for any possible reason you might re-offend.” One little-realized fact of sexual abuse is that more than a third of sex offenses against children are committed by other children. It found that about half of juvenile sex offenders are between 15 and 17, the age people might expect offenders to be. More than a third are between 12 and 14, like Josh was, and one in 20 is younger than 9.

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