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There was a cute innocent little mommy-smile on her face. Her legs were kicked up playfully and her sexy tan feet were flexed, toes pointing upward. Thought maybe you might wanna come in a keep me company." She said. Still in her skirt and sweater Linda was leaning slightly against his dresser in a cute little pose, with one long tan leg forward, slightly bent at the knee..toes squatting against the floor and her heel arched up. In the background Bobby could see the swell of her meaty buttocks. "Unless you'd rather stay focused on your math." She said teasingly. As his mom went into the master bathroom Bobby followed her inside. Bobby's heart was racing so fast he could hardly answer. Cocking one leg out in front of her, bent slightly at the knee, with her sexy foot arched, her cute little toes squatting against the floor, Linda fed her son a naughty smile. "You might as well have'll be fishing them out of my laundry hamper anyway." She grinned. As soon as Linda turned towards the bath Bobby lifted the panties to his nose. Even at home in his room he had a difficult time focusing on his homework as he found himself rubbing his cock through his shorts as he gazed at the sexy picture on his phone. "Aren't you suppose to be working on that math homework young man." She asked almost playfully.

i found this story in another forum and had to post it. Mother/son "Morning slugger." Linda said as she passed her son in the hallway. " She said, squeezing her cheeks of her buttocks together and smothering his rod. As Linda turned slightly towards him with her arm on his shoulder Bobby could stare straight into the swell of her enormous breasts.

Bobby gazed at the large pink caps, which were dotted with milk glands. For the second time that day Bobby stared straight at his own mother's cute little mons pubis. He breathed them in deep..overpowering tang filing his lungs. She got a quirky little grin as she saw his pecker pointing at her, only a few feet away.

As her pendulous tits sprung free they just sort of flopped down against her tummy and bobbled slightly back and forth. After setting her bra down near the sink Linda slid her thumbs under the hem of her panties and began to slide them down her long tan legs. He could see the baby-smooth meat of her genitals..spongy double doors extending out from her pubis. Linda was now on her knees in the water, sitting on her heels facing her son. It's like his bulbous head just split my twat and my pussy was reacting as if in preparation to accommodate all that long thick meat.

Her long shapely legs were crowned by a short polyester mini-skirt and her big breasts were packed inside a thin cashmere sweater. Linda gazed down at the enormous erection forming a tent in her son's shorts. Thank you." She smiled, her gleaming white teeth peeking through her pouty pink lips. Just before they disappeared completely his clutching mom would begin to gentle swing them.

Back and forth they rocked...a suspended heap of writhing flesh. "Sorry." Bobby answered, walking awkwardly out of the classroom.

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