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The boards, group chat and the helpline will still be running more or less as normal over the festive period For more detail, head to this thread.voted by the community for the following post: "Hey. I completely understand what you mean about feeling low mainly at night.

Jim denied that he was gay or that he was even bisexual.In college his male friends talked about openly and proudly about their conquests when they convinced a woman to do a threesome with them.One night he and a buddy were drunk and both discovered they were eyeing the same young woman at the bar.But there are too many heterosexual men who enjoy the homoeroticism of another male present for various psychological reasons—none of which have to do with homosexuality.Jim, a heterosexual 35-year-old accountant and father of two young children, came to see me after his wife of 10 years found bisexual pornography on their home computer.

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