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One of those witnesses is Gitano Bryant, better known as Tony and the cousin of retired NBA star Kobe, who told attorneys for Michael in 2006 that Hasbrouck and Tinsley had told him they killed Martha.understand if you say no but please mail me call me txt me do anything to let me know.

A statement that serious deserves more than being just text'd.

Jamaica to the Spanish was of use only as a victualling stop for the fleets going to and from the Central American mining colonies.

The areas granted varied from less than 10 acres up to 1000 or more, although most were up to 300.

The entries in the early days are probably not complete: baptisms were most frequently recorded, but the couples often did not marry (particularly where the woman was of mixed race, when it was largely illegal) and burials were carried out very quickly, more often than not without a priest present.

By 1740 sugar had replaced indigo as the main crop of Jamaica.

I don't think most girls would be compelled to call back, even if they wanted to.

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They appear in the parish records of birth, marriages and deaths from the beginning of the records (about 1710).

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“How to Rule the World from Your Couch is perhaps the greatest book ever written.

Everyone that’s ruled the world has read it and it worked.

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