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During this time, it has endeared itself to the Filipino consumer, crowning it as one of the country’s best-selling vehicles almost perennially.

It has proven so strong that despite increased competition from American, Japanese, and Korean quarters, the Fortuner has remained a top-of-mind choice in its class.

As a new variant that sandwiches the top-line 3.0 V 4x4 and entry-level 2.5 G 4x2, the 2.5 V gains equipment that used to be exclusive to the 4x4: leather seats and GPS navigation.At past 130 km/h (or sudden acceleration maneuvers for that matter), the steering becomes nervous akin to traveling on a wet patch of road even in the dry.Still, no one’s expecting to drive it like a sportscar, so as long as you’re aware of its limited cornering ability, it’s all fine.With a better power-to-weight ratio and no unnecessary weight from a transfer case (it must be remembered that the 3.0 V is full-time all-wheel drive), the 2.5 V manages 10.38 km/L—that’s 17 percent and 6 percent better than the 3.0 V and non-VNT 2.5 models respectively.In terms of road manners, the Fortuner feels pretty much as you’d expect.

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