Speed dating sf gay

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Our larger parties, at major luxury hotels, attract 400 or more.

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I'll add, however, in case you're a single straight man new to The City and you're reading this, going to the Castro District to meet girls in its trendy bars is not really going to work out the way you planned.Third Thursdays at the California Academy of Sciences are turning into one tasty mixer; on this evening the aquarium is open with a cocktail bar set up in the back. ) DJs spin beats and people mingle and linger at the turtle tank and other curious exhibits.Or, go the seriously brainy route and visit a local tech salon; Nerd Salon or Dorkbot SF, which feature geeky presentations and opportunities to meet a variety of tech professionals.San Francisco, even at a glance, is a city full of interesting people looking to meet other interesting people, because so many people move here from somewhere else, seeking art, technology, education, fortune, and yes, sexual tolerance.With our high concentration of sex writers, bloggers and educators, it's tough not to feel the amour everywhere you turn.

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