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The hospital endured around 8 deaths per week, however most of the other hospitals in Salonika were reporting huge causalities.In August the fighting began as the Serbian and French began pushing the Bulgarians back. Agnes joined the Scottish Women’s Hospitals as Doctor and Bacteriologist.Agnes worked at Royaumont Abbey 30 miles outside Paris.Agnes served at the hospital between November 1915-May 1916 and again in the autumn of 1916. Date of Bith: 1891Place of Birth: Kent, England Born in Belvedere, Kent.Ruby was raised by her parents, James and Martha Abbott.The hospital was situated near the front line and nursed 10,861 patients, many with serious injuries.

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Their work was unremitting, the winters bitter and I was left with unstinting admiration for this very gallant band of doctors, nurses, orderlies ambulance drivers, cooks, who gave so much to their patients throughout the war.

In 1916 Evelyn as a nurse joins the Scottish Women’s Hospitals at Royaumont abbey, near Paris, France.

War had broken the tranquil and peaceful ambiance of the 13th century cistercian abbey.

In 1901 she was living with her mother in St Mary in the Castle, Sussex. In May of 1917 she joined the Scottish women’s Hospitals and headed to Salonika.

Where she joined the Girton and Newnham unit as an orderly unit January 1918.

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