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There is nary a shot nor cut in the film that isn't altered by some effect, whether simple cuts are created into crossfades for seemingly no reason, shots are sped up and slowed down at random, creating a jagged, jittery mess, and different coloured filters and visual distortions warping our perception.It appears as if Woo went through every single setting in After Effects just to try everything out, and it is almost never necessary for telling the story efficiently, and often works against it.My only hope is from this experience he can realize that and start focusing on trying to make something new and challenging him that will better suit where he is at now in his career instead of trying and failing to recapture his glory days.Fiona Sit's (薛凱琪) brand new Mandarin album, You Make Me Feel (你我之間) has 9 sentimental songs and every song illustrates different stages of love, and the main theme song is Don't Let It Go.Where is haunted by serial suicidal accidents later.Half Japanese Hong Kong girl Mari Hirakawa who succeeds dojo after tragic death of her Karate master and father encounters ex-karate student, ex-yakuza Chan Keung who also succeeds the half of her father's karate dojo.

During the filming, Endy feels touched and has tears as a result.

It was John Woo's return to the modern crime action film, his signature style, after more than a decade away from it.

On top of that, it was his first film of this style made in Asia since 1992's "Hard Boiled," in many ways the apex of his powers.

But "Manhunt" occupies an awkward place that fits successfully into neither area.

It's a film with no brain on its shoulders that still seems to take itself too seriously.

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