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As you might expect, Pillow's life sees her flying from one country to the other.

Her Instagram feed constantly shifts from the likes of the Eiffel Tower and San Franciso's Golden Gate Bridge to sunsets in Thailand and the Seychelles, all within a couple of photos.

Unless it’s something important—like someone is in the hospital or something—don’t do it. It’s a girlie thing.* It makes you seem like a teenage girl.

If you’re having dinner with friends and they’re always on the phone or always texting, it’s just impolite.

Her Instagram feed is dotted with popular Maltese beaches, and she had even posted a photo remembering the Azure Window when the natural icon had collapsed earlier this year.

Hold the restaurant door while I enter and pull out the chair for me when I sit down. It’s important that a man has a good relationship with his family. She moved to New York to pursue a music career and worked several low-paying jobs. "I grew up around a lot of various religions, so it's a part of my consciousness in a way," she told The A. Though the family aspect was stronger than any particular dogma."She told in 2014 that was she was raised Catholic but "wasn't really satisfied with those kinds of answers."5. "I'm always afraid it's going to be terrible news I don't want to hear."6.She then moved back in with her parents in Dallas, where she joined the pop collective the Polyphonic Spree, 4. She's just like many of us when it comes to phones"I have a phobia of checking voicemail," she told The A. She's not into the melons"Between you and me, I specify that there be no melon on the fruit spread," she told LAist in 2007, when talking about backstage riders. I never have to see that person for the rest of my life. I don’t like aggressive people.[*While we imagine a man with the courage/gall/nuts to hit on one ludicrously beautiful lingerie model while on a date with another ludicrously beautiful lingerie model may actually exist, we’ve never met him and wouldn’t know what to say to him if we did.]Don’t change your personality when you get around people at a party, or don’t walk in and think you’re the hottest person because you have the hottest girl.* If you start carrying me around like a trophy, it’s not good. You have to control yourself, even if the other person is drunk and crazy. Let’s leave.” You don’t have to say a thing to him.

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