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Obsessions are repeated thoughts, urges, or mental images that cause anxiety.Common symptoms include: Some individuals with OCD also have a tic disorder.Two hundred of the men used the spray, while 100 of them received a placebo.For three months, all of the test subjects had to spray the drug mixture on their penises five minutes prior to sex.

Common vocal tics include repetitive throat-clearing, sniffing, or grunting sounds.Many of the services provided by T-Mobile are on a contractual basis – so customers must maintain service with the company for one to two years or face an early termination fee.T-Mobile also offers Pay As You Go services for cell phones. Customers who wish to contact T-Mobile customer service by mail can send all letters to: T-Mobile Customer Relations PO Box 37380 Albuquerque, NM 87176-7380 This address should be used for customer service contact only.The customer service helpline is available from 3 a.m. Customers can find out if service is available in their area, order new service, access their online account to change current service or find out more about Pay As You Go plans and phones.We found no email address or email contact form for T-Mobile customer service.

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