Taylor swift is dating

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Taylor Swift, the endlessly relatable, five-foot-ten, multimillionaire girl-next-door, has been flying under the radar in recent months, so much so that I found myself wondering if she were still alive, or if she had finally self-actualized into a crisp, monogrammed thank-you card. News, not only is Taylor Swift still occupying her human form, she’s still dating Joe Alwyn, and the “happy couple” is “doing great.” The couple was recently seen wearing matching black hoodies, and doing their best to avoid the paparazzi, a marked departure from some of Swift’s previous, highly publicized relationships with British men.

According to a number of “insiders,” this is no accident: “She got buried in media being on top of her life during the last relationship, so she tried everything in her power to not have that happen again.

Rumors are swirling that Taylor Swift and Drake are actually an item, after they were seen getting close at the rapper's birthday party nearly two weeks ago, and some social media posts since seem to be playing into the chatter.

But how much can we believe about this supposed relationship? are saying that the two of them are simply friends and nothing more.

For his part, Drake has never really given the public a clear picture as to the relationship he has with Rihanna.

Rumors that the two singers are dating have been circulating for over five years now, and fans are more confused than ever.

When the singer began dating actor Tom Hiddleston over the summer, several commenters called it out as a publicity stunt for some new music video, album, or other concept.

The couple wound up breaking up when summer ended, though no songs have yet emerged from it.

August 11, 2016: Fans start to worry Hiddleswift has split, as Swift and Hiddleston haven't seen each other in weeks, but Hiddleston is back in L. I've learned to—I don't know, maybe it's too soon to tell.

From there, Swift experimented with dating the 6'3" John Mayer, and after that didn't go to well, upgraded to a man she saw more eye to eye with: Jake Gyllenhaal, who's exactly her height.

From there, a series of 6" or taller men has followed: Harry Styles, 6"; Tom Hiddleston and Conor Kennedy, both 6'2"; Joe Alwyn, her current beau, 6'1".

(It was built in 1934 for the film producer Samuel Goldwyn, who used the space to hang with pals like Clark Gable and Charlie Chaplin.) And while that's chiefly consisted of refurbishing its Georgian Revival details and reconstructing a pool cabana, her latest plans for additions don't sound like they'll be blending in very much with the current décor.

Today comes news that Swift, who is in the process of making her front gate even sturdier, has reportedly obtained permits to build a 6.5-foot cinder block wall by her front porch, along with a seven-foot retaining wall by her tennis court.

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