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Matchmaking has never been a simple business, but when you add 16 years of data from a site that estimates has about 14 million unique visitors per month, there's endless opportunity for complexity.About three years ago, the company decided to delve into that data to help improve its matches.Based on this analysis, Fowler and colleagues concluded that Raptorex was much more likely to represent a juvenile tyrannosaurid similar to Tarbosaurus, though its exact identity cannot be known without more information about growth patterns in tyrannosaurids, and further efforts to discover its age.Consequently, Sereno's hypothesis that the derived features of tyrannosaurids evolved in the Early Cretaceous cannot be supported by current evidence. (2013) identified the fish vertebra centrum found with the holotype specimen of Raptorex kriegsteini as belonging to a hiodontid, probably representing the same taxon as hiodontid fossils described by the authors from the Late Cretaceous Nemegt Formation of Mongolia.Raptorex is a dubious genus of tyrannosaurid dinosaur.Its fossil remains consist of a single juvenile specimen probably uncovered in Mongolia, or possibly northeastern China. kriegsteini, described in 2009 by Sereno and colleagues.

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It is currently placed as a basal tyrannosauroid more derived than Bagaraatan but more basal than Dryptosaurus.This would contradict previous evidence, as all previously known primitive tyrannosaurs had small skulls and long, three-fingered arms, including contemporary species and those that lived later in the Cretaceous than Sereno believed Raptorex to have lived.(not peer-reviewed) challenged the provenance and classification of Raptorex as a basal tyrannosauroid.In Sereno's description of the specimen, he and his co-authors interpreted it as a near-adult aged about six years.Sereno initially stated to the press that numerous index fossils present in the rock slab surrounding the specimen showed it belonged to Early Cretaceous.

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