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If you can't connect via your browser connect via SSH to, set a password (optional for now but recommended), enable Wi Fi, connect your routers WAN-Port to an existing network of yours, connect to the now open Wireless Network called "Open Wrt", SSH into again, do Please choose the operation: 1: Load system code to SDRAM via TFTP. A: Load Runtime code then write to Flash via Serial.option 'led' 'wlan_led' option 'name' ' WLAN' option 'sysfs' 'rt2800pci-phy0::radio' option 'trigger' 'netdev' option 'dev' 'wlan0' option 'mode' 'link tx rx' → generic.failsafe If you forgot your password, broke one of the startup scripts, firewalled yourself out, or corrupted the JFFS2 partition, you can get back in by using Open Wrt's failsafe mode.

NOTE: The root file system in failsafe mode is the Squash FS partition mounted in readonly mode.

Difference beetween DIR-300 B1/B2/3 and DIR-600B1/B2 is only factory images for install via web interface in stock firmware.

Revision DIR-600 B5E is supported under openwrt with firmware DIR-610-A1!

NOTE: New D-Link firmwares may contain new u-boot bootloader, so you may have problems with installing via emergency web interface.

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I thought updating the official firmware from D-Link's site might help, but strangely the router rejects that firmware too. The filename is DIR-810L_fw_rev B_2-03-b02_eu_multi_20141219 The back of the router and the router config page says HW is REV B1.I've even tried up/down grading DLink firmware for grins (which works fine fwiw). Plug in power cable and keep reset button pressed until power led flashes orange 6.The factory to ddwrt bins say "Upgrade Successfully" in recovery mode. Release reset button and go to the emergency room page at and upload firmware 7.I've tried multiple factory to ddwrt bins and the other webflash bins as well.I've tried in the regular DLink interface as well as recovery mode (emergency room, hold button 30 seconds, hop on one foot, reboot, rub stomach for 30 seconds, etc). The same one on clearance in the land of dumbasses (Wally World).

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