The infrared wireless port when updating

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On the front right side we have a PC card slot (PCMCIA slot) and Express Card slot.

It’s nice to have the Express Card slot as that will be the standard of the future for allowing accessory expansion on notebooks.

From the first time you touch it, you know it’s just good.

the infrared wireless port when updating-87

Like IBM’s previous T4X series models, the T43 is a textbook definition of physical quality.

The whites on this screen are also not pure white but rather have a very slight tint of yellow, it’s not uncommon to find that an LCD presents whites with either a very slight yellowish or bluish hue.

Although the screen brightness is not the best out there, I find the horizontal viewing angle of the T43 to be quite excellent.

It’s very reasonable to have more than one document open at a time with an SXGA 14-inch screen.

The screen quality and brightness is middle of the road.

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