The problems with dating widows

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There will be a lot going through the widower's mind -- especially if you're the first person he's become physically and emotionally intimate with since his wife passed away.I would recommend taking a long time before you become physically involved with a widower.When I talk to the widower about why he ended it, he told me the only reason he started seeing me was because he was lonely and/or missed having a sex life.He says this is something he normally wouldn't do but the loss of his wife has forced him to make poor choices.It's important to make sure the widower is serious about having a committed relationship with you before you decide to become sexually involved.If the widower is a good man and serious about having a committed relationship with you, it won't be a big deal that you want to take the more physical aspects of the relationship slowly or put them on hold for several months.Once there, however, we find it difficult to balance our need for intimacy with the ability to form a committed relationship.

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We took things slow because we both understood the physical and emotional issues that losing my first wife brought to the relationship and wanted to make sure we were becoming involved with each other for the right reasons.Marathon Girl told me very early where she was drawing the line when it came to the physical aspect of our relationship.I respected her decision because I would have done just about anything to contribute to the relationships success.These emails are always difficult to read not only because they're heartbreaking but because such situations can, for the most part, be avoided with a little understanding some of the physical intimacy issues that come with having a relationship with a widower.Though I've briefly mentioned some issues in my previous essays, I've decided to devote an entire column to this subject seeing how this is the biggest issue of late that comes through my inbox.

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