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Apple added i Tunes Extras as well to the store, which adds content usually reserved for films on DVD and Blu-ray discs.

App management via i Tunes was a popular feature that was removed from i Tunes 12.7 in favor of managing apps directly on i OS devices instead.

i Tunes 12.6.3 supports all existing i Phone and i Pad devices, and the release also supports the i Phone X, i Phone 8, and i Phone 8 Plus, meaning users of the newest model i Phone hardware will have full i Tunes support without needing to bother with i Tunes 12.7.

If you have been having difficulty adapting to the removal of the App Store in i Tunes 12.7, you’ll likely appreciate installing i Tunes 12.6.3 and getting app management back again, so check it out.

At the time of the purchase, Kincaid, Jeff Robbin and Dave Heller left Casady & Greene to continue development of the program as Apple employees.

At Apple, the developers simplified Sound Jam's user interface, added the ability to burn CDs, and removed the program's recording feature and skin support.

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