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Even identical twins have different experiences starting as soon as the embryo divides.One twin may get a stronger blood supply and send up bigger, or have an easier or harder birth, or catch a tummy bug or an ear infection that affects their developement over a few days, and these could all have small effects that might cancel out or act cumulatively to affect their physical health or behaviour, and these might lead to a different environment for the production of sperm (in the bloke) at the time of having kids, or might affect the environment in the womb (for the woman), or might affect the children's home lives and whether they look more or less similar. And was going to point out that identical twins have to be either both boys or both girls.A and a are genetically as close to each other as they are to themselves (that is, not all of anyone's cells are exactly the same because of copying errors.. Anyway, comparing the cousins, they would closely resemble brothers and sisters. Also...would their DNA still be conclusive as to the parentage ? With Gene Crossover & Recombination, there are essentially infinite combinations of genes that could be passed on to the children.So if they're not identical, what would Tom and Jen's, and Tim and Jan's children look like?

Obviously between brothers and sisters within a "normal" family, there are some similarities, and some differences.Their children wouldn't inherit identical traits from their parents because of a process called 'genetic recombination'.Genetic recombination occurs during a special type of cell division that forms egg or sperm cells, when the chromosomes swap their genes in a unique way, forming genetically unique eggs or sperm. So, for example, because of this process of genetic recombination, all of Jen's eggs would be different from each other.Because a and b are genetically identical to A and B respectively, their children will be genetically as similar to their cousins as to their brothers and sisters.Note that although the genetics are identical that doesn't necessarily mean that there wouldn't be other differences.

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