Two way webcam

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In a few minutes we connected it to our Wi Fi and set it up. You can purchase it on Amazon or directly from the manufacturer at https:// Email your web developer (or yourself) the embed code. Paste the code on your website (Insert HTML) Now you’ve got a link to share with people on your website!

If you want it to save 7 full days of video at a time for security purposes, it will only run you per year. You can set it up using the supplied USB cable and connecting it to your Windows PC or Apple computer as shown in this official 2 minute video. Once you’re feed is live, you can spread the word and give people the link for your webcam on your website! state=Wisconsin reach out to some local news sites, tourism sites, city websites, universities, and weather websites by searching Google for webcam [insert your city] or weather cam [insert your city].

Small and unobtrusive, the camera packs a lot of high-tech in its tiny frame.

The camera can be used wirelessly, or you can keep it plugged in if you’re going to be gone for awhile.

It stores 24 hours of activity in the cloud, and you can save whatever HD video clips you want.

The camera works seamlessly with your phone’s app, so you can check in on your kitties any time.

You can watch your cat through the video, say hello to her with high-quality audio, snap a picture, and even dispense a treat for her from long distance! Amazon reviewers absolutely love the Petzi; 83 percent ranked it five stars and only six percent gave it a three-star rating or lower.

Using a Webcam with Skype Using Facetime to Video Chat Using a Social Media Platform to Video Chat Community Q&A Video chatting is fun, easy, and the software is free!

Using a webcam allows you to literally add a friendly face to your conversations.

I loved this part, because my cats’ eyes would shine in the dark and I could see them playing.

The camera will also put together a 30-second “daily brief” that recaps the highlights of the day. You can talk to your cats and you can hear them meowing back at you!

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