Updating bios in windows xp

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NOTE: Many users search this site for the word minidump which often accompanies these Stop Message errors.The fact that a memory minidump occurred tells you nothing except what you already know — that there was an error. These appear only in the NT-based operating systems: Win NT, Win 2000, Win XP, and Vista. STOP messages are identified by an 8-digit hexadecimal number, but also commonly written in a shorthand notation; e.g., a STOP 0x0000000A may also be written Stop 0x A.Four additional 8-digit hex numbers may appear in parentheses, usually unique to your computer and the particular situation.Last but not least, and probably not that surprising to those of you in the know, a lot of information about BIOS can be found logged in the Windows Registry.

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A much easier way to check the BIOS version running on your computer's motherboard is via a program called Microsoft System Information.The "traditional" way to check the BIOS version on a computer is to watch for the version notation that appears on the screen during the POST as your computer starts to boot.Here's how to do it: frustrating restarting your computer over and over if you keep missing the BIOS version notation.Launch registry editor by typing [regedit.exe] in the [Run] dialog accessible via [Start].Editing the registry is not a difficult process but it does require care.

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