Updating blob fields in mssql

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on ZPlain Postgre Sql Driver, lines 864 863 POSTGRESQL_API. Field By Name('arqimg'), bm Write); try File Stream := TFile Stream. PQFreemem(encoded); 864 result := 'E' Quoted Str(result); 865 result := Ansi Strings. Save To File(AFile Name); Thank you in advance You are right. Problem is that the parameter is substituted in the query string because all values are sent to mysql in string format. From the binary blob data to a 2byte string and then this string will be UTF8 encoded because the mysql API requires this.Even more : requiring this sql string to be utf8 encoded is a mysql requirement that is not necessarily useful for other databases. just found out that the Oracle API uses the system encoding by default) If you can find a trick to do these conversions in a way the resulting BLOB part of the utf8-encoded ansistring is correct, please show me.

using on D2009 Zeos 7 Revision 636 Posgresql 8.3 UTF8 encoding:prog::prog::prog::prog: After long time i make this workaround.... The is a very important system file which basically contains FILESTREAM header information.This can be done by using the new FILESTREAM feature which was introduced in SQL Server 2008.However, be aware that Microsoft has stated the Image data type is for backwards compatibility only, and may be discontinued on a future version.Binary data can be stored in SQL and retreived by a web application.

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