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:) because I had false alarm with our cat in previous house I decided to go with lead switch for every window and doors.and only motion sensor is one for downstairs and upstairs common areas.Has a large 12V lead-acid backup battery, and a nice metal outdoor siren.

Mine's drilled into the front of the house so a thief can't just go ripping it off easily, but it still looks cheap being all plastic! (whether it's mine, or the Bosch or hills one, if they have wireless ones anyway! the outdoor sirens have more "smarts" in them, so they have more electronics.

Hey guys Looking at getting an alarm system for our house.

Will need two keypads one for entry and one in main bedroom to activate it at night otherwise be a pain turning it on from one side of house and going to the other end to sleep etc After one with 8 sensors, siren and blue flashy light thing.

That's not an alarm system though, more of a surveillance system.

I was looking at the Bosch systems, but they cost way too much after I added everything up (the better sensors, GSM module etc). bought more wireless sensors recently during a clearance sale).

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