Updating bugzilla speed dating fast life

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Among other things this would simplify our license headers (to about 3-5 lines) and get rid of the pretty much useless Initial Developer and Contributor sections.

Note: This is not the place to request configuration, permission, or account changes to this installation of Bugzilla (bugzilla.mozilla.org).

It is an excellent security mechanism but it will break Bugzilla until an official Bugzilla 5.0 rpm-package is released that will also configure SELinux.

So at this point we will set SELinux to permissive mode.

Cent OS 7 is using Firewall D, so we have to use firewall-cmd to change the firewall setting to allow incoming connections on port 80 (HTTP). Open '/etc/my.cnf' with your editor and add the following lines below the '[mysqld]' section: [mysqld]datadir=/var/lib/mysqlsocket=/var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock# Disabling symbolic-links is recommended to prevent assorted security riskssymbolic-links=0# Settings user and group are ignored when systemd is used.# If you need to run mysqld under a different user or group,# customize your systemd unit file for mariadb according to the# instructions in # Bugzilla# maximum allowed size of an attachment upload#change this if you need more!

Use a browser and open (replace ip-of-your-server with the IP address of your server). max_allowed_packet=4M [mysqld_safe]log-error=/var/log/mariadb/mariadb.logpid-file=/var/run/mariadb/## include all files from the config directory#!

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